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Use your potential! 4 Steps to Your Own Solar Energy System

The installation of a solar power system is an investment for the future, because a solar system usually has a life of at least 20 years. Like any construction project, the installation of a photovoltaic system should be carefully planned. For the uninitiated, the path to the complete system is summarised here in 4 steps. There are two different types of solar systems: systems that generate electricity (photovoltaic) and systems that produce hot water (solar thermal). Solar power system owners are a legally guaranteed remuneration for solar electricity they produce for 20 years. Solar thermal systems contribute to a reduction in the use fossil fuels such as oil and gas. The purchase and installation of a solar system should be carefully planned to achieve the maximum benefit. The 4 steps relate primarily to photovoltaic systems (solar power systems). These can also be largely applied to solar thermal systems (hot water collectors).

Step 1: Check the results of the computer analysis

The automated evaluation may contain errors. The laser scanner cannot possibly record the smallest details, such as ventilation pipes. Thus, for example, integrated roof windows may not be detected, so square footage in some cases may not be correct. One should remember to ensure that the planned area remains shade free in future. Trees or shrubs can grow to a considerable size in the space of 20 years and create a shade effect at a later date. Also, future construction projects in the neighbourhood can cause shading.

Step 2: Check local building regulations

Local building regulations govern whether planning permission is required for the installations of a solar energy system. Planning permission must be obtained and the relevant regulations observed for listed buildings or ensembles as well as for locations subject to monument-, conservation-, design- and redevelopment area ordinances or zoning plans.

Step 3: Check the condition of the roof

The roofing should have a longer life than the solar system's 20 years duration. If roof restoration is due in the next few years, this should be completed before the installation of the solar energy system. But not every type of roofing is suitable for installing a solar system. One option, the roof-integrated systems installs the system as a section of roofing, thereby potentially saving roofing costs for this section of the roof.

Step 4: Find a reliable specialist

There are many specialist companies offering advice, special deals, cost-effectiveness evaluations and installations services in the city of Bentheim and the surrounding areas. The quality of the service a provider offers can always be measured by references. Once you decide to install a solar power system, it is best to obtain detailed quotes from several companies. Check all offers for completeness and comparability. If in doubt, you can check the offers of an independent energy consultant.